Bristol Breweries Open Doors Day

Bristol’s beer scene is one of the best that you’ll ever find, with different events organised throughout the year to celebrate this city’s breweries.
Around September one of the biggest events is the Bristol Beer Week described as “a celebration of everything beery in the West Country. A week-long program of everything anyone can think of to do with beer.”
To celebrate the start of this event we joined the BBODD, first edition, where different breweries opened their doors to the public to show everything behind their products.
A perfect day for people to walk around Bristol, drink good beers and chat with the ones who work in the beer industry.
The other breweries involved were:
Arbor Ales
Bristol Beer Factory
Croft Ales
Dawkins Ales
Fierce & Noble
Good Chemistry Brewing
Left Handed Giant Brewing Co.
Lost and Grounded Brewers
Drink Moor Beer
New Bristol Brewery
Wiper and True Brewing Co.

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